Industry Transformation

The team at Unity have been at the forefront of leading and changing the accident repair industry landscape in Australia and New Zealand over the past 20 years.
Unity is a privately held company. We thrive because there are no shackles on us. You can’t truly meet a partner’s needs without having an end-to-end solution and the right tools at your disposal. Industry transformation starts with getting the value chain right.

Industry transformation

We use Power BI to pull apart complex data sets to inform decision making across our business and for our partners.

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Our data and analysis skills are undoubtedly one of our businesses most valuable assets, bringing enormous value and a strategic point of difference for our partners.

We have also

  1. Partnered with quality repairers and provided them with the tools to be efficient, profitable and sustainable to deliver outstanding quality and customer satisfaction.
  2. Built a new strategic network nationally that is managed to the mutual benefit of the work provider, be that insurer or fleet, and the repairer.
  3. Use claims handling and accident management in clever new ways to increase conversion, reduce drift and be the conduit to deliver cost savings to them.
  4. Melded repairer and claims expertise, data analysis and design thinking to create new ways forward to provide a fresh whole of industry approach to meet insurer and fleet needs.
“Unity intends to disrupt the old ways to provide transformative accident repair industry solutions. To be the logical choice for work providers that want the best in automotive repairs and claims management.”
Dave Calder
Chief Operations Officer