Help for Vulnerable Customers

Unity Claims Management recognises that our customers may experience vulnerability due to a wide range of factors, including family violence and financial hardship.
We’re here to provide additional support to our customers where it is needed, ensuring that our team approaches each enquiry with sensitivity and discretion.

Help for vulnerable customers

Our staff have all received Vulnerable Customer training and we also have an internal and insurer escalation framework should our customers require any matters to be escalated to senior managers and/or the insurer.

We recognise that a person’s vulnerability may be due to a range of factors such as:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Mental health conditions
  • Physical health conditions
  • Family violence
  • Language barriers
  • Literacy barriers
  • Cultural background
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status
  • Remote location

We encourage you to tell us about your vulnerability so that we can work with you to arrange support.

If you are suffering from family or domestic violence, please click on the link below to access more information about our Family Violence Policy. If you are suffering from financial hardship or distress, please click on the link below to our Financial Hardship Policy.