Hire Cars

UnityGo has been specially designed to meet the needs of our work providers and their customers.
Operating Australia wide, UnityGo is unique in that we deliver hire cars “just in time” to the repairer or to the customer’s workplace or home.

Hire Car / Mobility Solutions

An end to end accident and claims handling business where Unity books both the repair and the hire car, when the driver is entitled to a replacement vehicle.

Unity is constantly monitoring and managing each repair, making sure that repair length is minimised to get the drivers damaged car back on the road in the shortest possible time and minimising the cost of the hire car.

UnityGo’s rate model is predicated around a flat rate charge. This includes delivery and pick up which means customers don’t have to worry about the added inconvenience and cost of taxi or Uber trips.

Our rate includes a low collision damage excess of $650. There are no premium location fees, under age driver surcharge or registration recovery charges. As we say, UnityGo provides cost certainty.

In the case where a work provider is paying for the mobility, Unity will always seek to supply a small base model vehicle and achieves a success rate of nearly 90%;

The UnityGo fleet is broad. From small to large cars, prestige, vans, utes, mine spec vehicles and trucks.

To book a hire car, use the form below.