Accident Management

Accident Management is the provision of care from the moment an accident has occurred.
Unity Accident Management provides emergency roadside support 24/7 in those vulnerable first minutes after an accident. Securing the safety of those involved is paramount, the accident scene is safe and then cleared.

Accident Management

Aside from the safety aspect of an accident, the next phase of Unity Accident Management’s service is designed to make what follows as easy as possible.

If the driver is unable to get the damaged vehicle back to base or home safely, Unity will tow the damaged vehicle back to base or to an appropriate repairer, take FNOL (First Notice of Loss) details, and lodge their claim.

When a vehicle enters repairs, the ability for fleets to plan is critical. Unity prides itself on digitised updates so fleet managers can adapt as appropriate.


Unity Accident Management provides a truly national service, including remote locations.

There are other facets of the Unity Accident Management service which includes:

  • FNOL (First Notice of Loss), which is the collection of all details needed to lodge a claim including documenting the circumstances of the accident.
  • Direct insured claims handling, which is managing of claims where the customer has insurance coverage. Unity deals with tens of thousands of claims annually and we know insurer systems and we know what to do to expedite claims.
  • Third party claims handling involves managing claims and repairs for other parties involved in an accident who are not at fault. This service reduces the cost of any claim against the at-fault party.
  • Mobility solutions (hire cars). Unity can arrange a hire replacement vehicle through its UnityGo business. UnityGo offer vehicles delivered to the repairer, the customers office or home and at very competitive rates.
  • In-house assessing. Unity Accident Management is pre-approved by numerous insurers to commence repairs without having to inconvenience customers to get a quote and wait for the insurer to assess it. Where a repair is under excess or a high aggregate is involved, Unity has its own highly skilled and qualified in-house assessors whose job it is to ensure repairs are completed safely, to the manufactures repair methods and that the repair cost represent a fair value.
  • Claiming against an at fault party can be complex. Unity Accident Management helps simplify this by helping customers recover their financial loss from the at-fault party who may not be insured, is self-insured, or when multiple insurers are involved.
  • Unity Accident Management arranges and monitors towing through a trusted network of tow providers. This ensures we control the movement of customers’ vehicles and ensure they arrive at our repair network, so repairs can start without delay.

Unity Accident Management also provides preferential and priority access to windscreen and hail damage repairs.