Technology & Reporting

Unity has made a significant investment to create a technology ecosystem that provides state of the art automation of claims, accident management, repairer, assessing and information systems.
This in turn provides an array of complex data from which we use Power BI to help us inform decision making across our business and for the benefit of our customers.

Technology and Reporting

Unity’s technology drives a better customer experience, provides for competitive advantage, efficiency gains, scalability, cost, service consistency and service improvement outcomes. It also removes traditional legacy duplication and inefficiencies.

Unity’s systems allow claims data to be aggregated and better used for analysis and management. The system also allows for bespoke feeds to be available in “near real time” for Unity’s customers.

The keys planks of Unity’s system revolve around a bespoke claims capture app with pre-loaded agreed customer data information which

  • Reduces claim lodgement time by up 75%
  • Simplifies claim lodgement
  • Virtually eliminates customers on hold
  • Allows for easier capture of accident damage which aids repair efficiencies

Unity has developed an algorithm assisted repair allocation model which allows Unity to select the most appropriate repairer in relation to location, capacity and repairer performance.

Unity provides automated and frequent claim and repair milestone updates to keep customers informed.

Unity’s technology ecosystem includes an integrated assessing platform which ensures repair costs savings flow through to or customers.

Our investment includes an integration of AI telephony systems which ensures scripting is followed and where call sentiment is measured in near real time.

This results in

  • Better customer experience
  • Absolute call consistency
  • Earlier issue identification allowing for immediate rectification